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Warmest Greetings Parents,


Let me first take this opportunity to thank you for visiting my website. My name is Suzette, I am the provider/owner of Kings Place 4 Kids, a Family Child Care Home licensed by the state of NC. It is my pleasure to welcome you to my family child care home. My husband and I have 3 adult children and one grandchild. As parents the most important part of raising our 3 children, was their well being. It was important to us that the people who cared for our children in our absence, were those that we trusted to love, nurture and guide their little minds. My two ultimate goals here at Kings Place 4 Kids, is first to have all children feel loved and nutured while learning in my care, and second to give parents the reassurance about their little one's well being in their absence. Kings Place 4 Kids can be the place for your family.


Some of the benefits of joining our family are 1. a low student:teacher ratio, which provides more one on one 2. daily academics= abc's, numbers, shapes, pre-writing and pre-math skills for toddlers and early reading and writing for pre-schoolers. 3. arts and crafts= coloring, painting, pasting, drawing, etc. 4. science experiments 5. social studies 6. seasonal activites (i.e spring time, planting flowers and vegetables) 6. Daily outdoor time (weather permitting) 7. Field trips to= parks, museums (i.e. Marbles), restaurants, RBC events for children (i.e. February 2012 Circus trip planned), puppet shows, story time at library and Barnes and Nobles and secure bounce houses, etc. 8. Music= classroom instruments, singing as well as by a professional musician Trish Miller when possible. 9. Center play and learning centers 10. Circle time


Kings Place 4 Kids is smoke free, free of foul or offensive language as well as free of dangerous pets, other than fish in the aquarium. 


We welcome you to come join our little family here at Kings Place 4 Kids!




Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Dec 25 All Day
Monday, Dec 31 All Day
Tuesday, Jan 1 All Day
Saturday, Feb 2 All Day


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